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Thank you to our sponsors:

2015 & 2016 Turf & Grounds Exposition Exhibitors
A-Turf, Inc.
AMSOIL Direct Jobber 3
The Andersons Plant
Nutrient Group
Andre & Son, Inc.
Atlantic Irrigation
Ballard Sports
Batavia Turf, LLC
Beam Clay/
Partac Peat Corporation
BioWorks, Inc.
Cazenovia Equipment
Company, Inc.
Chenango Contracting/
Cortese Auto Group
Crop Production
Engage Agro USA
Faery’s Golf &
Landscape, Inc.
Farm Family Casualty
Insurance Company
Finch Turf, LLC
Finger Lakes
Community College
Grassland Equipment
& Irrigation
Corporation, Inc.
Helena Chemical Co.
Hutcheson Sand & Mixes
Lakeside Sod Supply
Company, Inc.
Lawn Care
Distributors, Inc.
Mar-Co Clay
Products, Inc.
McConnellsville Sands
& Material, Inc.
Millstone Golf &
Turf Products Inc.
MTE Turf
Equipment Solutions
Naturcycle, LLC
The Page Seed Company
Preferred Seed Co., Inc.
Professional Turf
Services, Inc.
Rich’s Sports Fields, Inc.
Saratoga Sod Farm, Inc.
Seedway, LLC
SiteOne Landscape
Sky High Turf Farms
Speed Roller
(Diversified Mfg. Inc.)
SNA Manufacturing
Solitude Lake Management
SUNY Cobleskill
SUNY Delhi
Turfline, Inc.
Value Turf LLC
WinField Solutions LLC
Worm Power