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2006 Grants Project Title/Principle Investigator/Department

“Alerting and Arming the Northeast Against European Crane Flies, New Invasive Pests of Turfgrass” (Awarded in 2006, 2007, 2008) Daniel Peck, Ph.D – Department of Entomology, Cornell University


“Insect Pest Fact Sheets to Promote Better IPM for Turfgrass Maintenance and Sod Production”
Daniel Peck, Ph.D – Department of Entomology, Cornell University


“Influence of Mower Type and Mowing Frequency on Incidence of Anthracnose and Putting Green Performance”  (Awarded in 2006 & 2007)
Frank Rossi, Ph.D. - New York State Extension Turfgrass Specialist, Cornell University


“Improving Soil Test Recommendations for Turfgrass in New York State” (Awarded in 2006,2007, 2008) A. Martin Petrovic, Ph.D. – Department of Horticulture, Cornell University


“TracTurf: Software for Documentation of Pest Management Practices for New York State Turfgrass” ($2,954 awarded in 2007) Jennifer Grant, Ph.D. – New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University


“New Approaches to Manage Annual Bluegrass Weevil Populations on Golf Courses” Pat Vittum, Ph.D. – Turf Entomologist, UMass Extension Turf Program


“Turf Water Quality, Use and Management”
Dominic Morales, Professor & Dean, Applied Sciences & Recreation Div. – SUNY Delhi


School Field Trip Funding”
Zhongchun Jiang, Ph.D. - SUNY Cobleskill