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In 1991, the New York State Turfgrass Association formed the New York Turfgrass Foundation to ensure the future of the turfgrass industry. The goal of the fund is $1 million. So far, about $890,000 has been raised from individual members, businesses, friends and corporations.

The foundation is an invested fund whose interest income, not principle, will be available to support the needs of turfgrass research and education. Cornell University manages the funds in a diversified mutual fund intended to yield income and maintain long-term growth.

Your financial assistance would support vital research projects conducted by scientists and educators in the industry.  Can we count on you to join our New York Turfgrass Foundation Endowment Campaign and contribute on a yearly basis?  If you are interested in joining, please Click Here.  Foundation Club members receive satisfaction knowing they play an integral part in promoting the future of the turfgrass industry, are invited to the special President’s Reception at the annual conference, and after ten years, receive additional recognition and honors. 

If you have any questions, please contact Denise Lewis at our office at 518-783-1229 or by email: nysta@nysta.org

By participating in our monumental endowment campaign, you support research that has an immensely valuable impact on the turfgrass industry.  (Please review the enclosed list of research projects that are currently being funded.)  Your support helps NYSTA achieve its mission to share best management practices, promote environmental stewardship, support education, advance research and disseminate research findings.